My little homepage on the internet machine.

Who I am

Picture of me at a Wikimedia hacking event Hi, my name is Michael Chad Horohoe. I prefer to go by my middle name. I am in my late-20s, and I reside in San Francisco, California.

My interests include music, most aspects of computing, video games, reading, and pretty much anything else geeky.

I graduated Virginia Commonwealth University with a BS in Information Systems in the August 2012.

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What I do

I work on MediaWiki. Since mid-2010, I have been working for the Wikimedia Foundation as a software engineer. Before that, I volunteered my time for MediaWiki and have been a member of our "Development Community" since 2008.

Before coming to the Foundation, I've done configuration management work for a Fortune 500 company and interned for my local government's IT office.

My proficiencies are in open source technologies and web applications, primarily the LAMP stack. I also have experience with C#/.NET and Java.

My full resume is available as a PDF.

I've taken up blogging about my work again.(Everyone says this, I gave up again)

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How to contact me

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